Veggie Prep Suggestion


Photo and Idea by Lorinda Fleming)

Ever have those days where you need veggies prepped to make a meal and you are not feeling well enough to stand there long enough to get them all diced, chopped and sliced. Perhaps you are too tired from working all day.

Well, after shopping today I decided to cut some of my time out now while I am up to it. You see, with me I go from one day to the next. I never know if I will be able to stand in the kitchen to make a healthy meal for us or not. So today as I was putting things away I decided to get a few of the veggies prepared in bags and freeze them.

Now when I need one of these items, all I have to do is add it to my dish or pan. This is going to save me so much extra efforts later in the days to come. Yes, I know people do this often and have for years. Well, I am a late bloomer. LOL I hope this will inspire you as well.

Put name of each veggie on enough bags for your ingredients. I put bell peppers, both green and orange, in bags with one bell per bag. Chopped onions, one in each bag. Sliced onions, one in each bag. Celery, 2 stalks per bag. Then after they were all sealed, I took them and put into a gallon bag and sealed. The reason for this is to lock the stronger fragrances of the onions and bell peppers in to help keep odors out of freezer.

Now head to the kitchen and get some of your prep work done ahead of the game!