Updates 10/24 – 10/25/13 – 4 On Tripp Halstead


Stacy: So far so good. No throwing up and his feet look good. Mom is here, so I took a nap. He has been getting pedialyte since 9:30 and they are increasing the speed every hour. So if all goes well, we get to go home tomorrow. So much for an overnight stay. Ha ha. I will take a pic of him with my next post. Anyway , I am paranoid about leaving Tripp alone in the room, so mom got here right as the cafe in the hospital closed for breakfast. So I needed to wait til lunch time to go get food. Then I took my nap and woke up at 2:25. We asked the nurse when the cafe closes and she said 2:30. Of course I was devastated. And hungry. And started to whine. So mom took off in a sprint to get me some food. Watch out people, lady on a mission! Gotta love her. And she made it. On her way back with some lunch. We don’t hv a car because Bill had to go back to work since we are staying longer than we first thought. And I didn’t want to run down there, I haven’t even looked in the mirror today. Just watching Tripp all night then finally napping today has left me looking a little like a crazy person. I do plan on combing my hair and changing clothes some time today. Ha ha Thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts. Love you.