Updates 10/21-10/23/13 – 2 On Tripp Halstead


Tripp Halstead Updates
Katie: This post is written by me, Katie. I am a close friend of the family and an administrator on this page. Stacy asked me to let you know that Tripp is okay, but vomiting constantly. The Drs are aware and he is being watched closely. They have now decided to give him stronger meds to help control it. She also asked me to update our new followers about this page.To all of our supporters and followers, old and new:

First of all, thank you all so much for your support!
We just wanted to remind everyone (and let new followers know) about the “standards” of this page and answer a few questions. It is a little long but we ask that you please read it through.

This page was created for Bill and Stacy to update family and friends who were unable to be at the hospital on Tripp’s condition. Instead of having to repeat the same updates over and over on the phone and through text messages, this was a way for them update everyone at once. Many times, those of us in the waiting room got updates from this page so they didn’t have to leave Tripp’s side.

As Tripp’s recovery has progressed, the page has become an outlet for Stacy – much like a journal, a small view into their day to day lives. She shares her ups and downs, she knows how many of you laugh and cry with her – you are such a big part of her ‘therapy’ and she and Bill consider you family. They don’t post everything that goes on each day, just highlights I guess you could say.

This page has also become a platform for Bill and Stacy to “Pay It Forward”, something very important to them. They have recieved so much from so many kind, loving people that they want to “Give Back”. They have been able to bring awareness to several conditions and diseases most of us never knew about before Tripp’s accident. There are so many families with medically fragile children and the Halsteads want to do what they can to help others. They have been contacted by organizations that want to help them like they do for other families. Because they are so thankful, the Halsteads attend fundraisers and speak at events to help bring these wonderful charities some recognition.

Because this page is about the Halstead family, we ask that you only post in a positive way. This family has been through a horrible tragedy and this is their story, their way of handling it. If you think it is necessary to start or end a message with “Not to be rude, but” or “Don’t take this wrong, but”, chances are you just should keep your comment to yourself. We have no problem answering questions about Tripp and his condition, but please don’t send messages correcting Bill or Stacy. They are responsible parents and would never do anything to endanger Tripp. Every decision made about his day to day life and his care is very informed and not taken lightly. If you make a rude or hurtful comment, it will be deleted and you will be banned from the page. Everyone has their own opinion, but this is not your platform to express it.

If you see a rude comment, please do not comment back to the person. Instead, send an email to TrippHalsteadUpdates@gmail.com – not as a private message to this page, it will get lost in the hundreds of PMs we receive here daily. Please include the name of the person, what post it was made under, and they approximate time it was posted. The more comments made back to this person, the harder it is to find the original comment. Thank you in your help with this!!

Now, some answers to the most asked questions we receive.

1 – What happened to Tripp?

On October 29, 2012, Tripp was playing outside at daycare. A sudden, strong gust of wind caused a large tree limb to fall from high in a tree. It fell right onto Tripp’s head. He was simply in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Nothing other than his his skull and brain was damaged. He was never on life support. His diagnosis is a Tramatic Brain Injury. No one “blames” the daycare in any way. The owners/teachers at the daycare remain close to the family. You can read more details on the website (teamboom4tripp.com).

2 – Will Tripp ever be able to walk, talk, etc. again?

The doctors just don’t know how far he is going to progress. Every TBI is different and each person reacts differently. The doctors did not know if he would survive because of the extent of his injuries. However, Tripp has proven what a fighter he is and everyone is dedicated to do all we can to make everything possible for him.

3 – Does Tripp eat or drink?

No – he has a g-tube which sends formula straight into his stomach. Because of the TBI he has to relearn how to swallow in therapy, something we are all born knowing how to do.

4 – Why are Tripp’s feet straight/pointed?

It is called ‘foot-drop’ and part of the side effects of the brain injury. He is getting new braces for his legs to help correct it and must be done if he will ever be able to walk again. It is an on-going trial and error situation.

5 – Why does Tripp arch and vomit some days? What do you mean by “arching”?

Arching – Tripp will tighten all over and arch his back, curving his body backwards.
The vomiting is not related to his gall bladder as it was removed months ago.
Both of these can be side effects of his injury. The doctors and the Halsteads are doing everything they can to figure out if it is anything else causing them. At this time, hopefully his surgery yesterday will fix what was causing him to do these things.

6 – Do you know about the other “Tripp” pages?

We do. Most were created as part of fundraisers by other people for the Halsteads. They haven’d had activity in a long time. Others are done by people the family knows. Still others are not approved or associated with the Halsteads. Please do not report these pages – it may cause ours to be shut down. To know which is real and which is not, Bill & Stacy will never ask for money, Stacy posts in a distinct way (she types as if she is speaking directly to you), and the real page (as of now) has over 916,000 “Likes” (Wow, by the way! So amazing!!).

7 – Does Tripp go to therapy or school?

Yes, he goes to both. He goes to therapy throughout the week and school once a week (as of now, maybe more in the future). When he is home, his in home nurses and family all do different therapies with him.

8 – I would like to send something to the family. Where do I send it? Will they respond to letters? Will someone let me know if they received my letter/package?

First of all, thank you! You can send it to the address below. It is also on the website (teamboom4tripp.com). Usually, because of how much mail they recieve they are unable to respond to each one or confirm they have recieved it. If you are wanting to send something perishable, please send an email to tripphalsteadupdates@gmail.com for instructions.

9 – I liked the page but keep missing updates, why?

Stacy updates everyday, sometimes multiple times. Facebook limits how many people see each update on their newsfeed. To get every single update, you will have to go to Tripp Halstead Updates page. Sorry for this inconvenience.

If you have any other questions, first check the website (teamboom4tripp.com) on the FAQ section. If your question is not there, please email it to TrippHalsteadUpdates@gmail.com. I will do my best to answer, or send it to Bill & Stacy to answer for you.

Thank you all again for your love and support!