Update 9/30/13 – 1 On Tripp Halstead


Stacy: Ugh, sometimes I hate modern technology. I just spent an hour of my very hectic life trying to get a DVD to play. I finally gave up before I threw it out the window. Tripp will just have to watch the iPad. Anyway, Tripp had an ok night. He woke up at 5 all twisted, so I climbed in bed with him, straightened him out and we did some cuddling and I was trying to get him to say “mommy” didn’t work but I tried. Oh… Tripp just threw up. Poor little thing. Ok, I’m back. This morning he did good in speech. It is so funny that he will only make sounds for his speech therapist. Not words but sounds. I got down on the floor with him right after his session and tried to get him to make sounds and he looked at me like I was crazy. Ha ha. Anyway, except for the throw up, he is doing ok today. Not great. The nurse said it could be from the pressure in his head or from coming off his antibiotics. We have a CT scheduled for Oct 8. So if the puddle is much worse we are going to see if we can move his surgery up. The reason it is not til Oct 22, is because he had pneumonia. He has to wait for so many days after he has been cleared. But we may not wait till Oct 8 if he gets worse. So frustrating sometimes. Every parent hates to see their baby hurt. So thank you all for your prayers. Love you all.
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