Update 10/21-10/23/13 – 1 On Tripp Halstead


Stacy: So I will pick up from where I left off last night. Tripp was much calmer and all his vitals were really good after Bill and I spent some time with him after surgery. We ended up just skipping his noon meds because they didn’t get to his room till 5. So now we are back on schedule. (We asked what would of happened if we would of brought his meds from home and they said we couldn’t of give them to him anyway.) So last night. I climbed in bed with Tripp and cuddled with him till 10. Since he was doing so good, Bill and I both figured it was safe to spend the night at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities and let mom stay in the room with him. If I stayed, cause I wanted too, that would of put Bill and mom in the same room at the Ronald McDonald house together. Kind of awkward. Ha ha Anyway, mom told us that Tripp threw up most of the night. She said it started when we left and he was still throwing early this morning. They gave him zofran first and that didn’t help, then they gave him some really strong nausea meds and that didn’t help. So as of right now, he is sleeping peacefully and looks so sweet. He got a bath this morning and we are waiting on the Drs to make their rounds. I don’t know if they will move us out of ICU till we get the vomiting under control. They haven’t given him any formula, so he has been puking up yellow stomach acids. Poor baby. I will post again later. Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts. Love you all.