Update 10/19/13 – 4 On Tripp Halstead


Stacy: What a day. It started out kind of rough, Tripp threw up this morning and just wasn’t feeling good. But we really wanted to take him to the party today. Well obviously that is what he wanted too. He was perfect the whole time we were there. He watched everything and everyone. He just had the most content look on his face. So the party was a Huge Success. And we get to do it again tomorrow with another group of friends. So then We went to the Boot Scooting party with DoItForHawk parents, John and Katie and COTA for Braden K parents, Matt and Michelle and of course our best friends Katie and Brett Riney that help manage our FB page. As if you can’t tell from the pictures, we had such a great time and met some really great people. We met Special Kneads and Treats, Inc. They made some awesome cakes. They employ special needs adult. I love that. So Tripp stayed with Nana tonight and she said he did great. Everyone is now snoozing but I wanted to get these pictures up tonight. Thank you all for your prayers, positive thoughts and support. Today started out with a lot of tears watching that video from a year ago, but it ended up being a really good day. Love you all and hope you enjoy the pictures.Oct 19 2013 (15 photos)