Homemade Children’s Box Cars


What a cute idea! I wish my kids were younger, they would have had a blast doing this!

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  • Dana SticklenWent camping this one time and all the kids there were riding big wheels. Had my grandson with us so feeling sorry for him my husband and son drove 30 minutes one way to get him a big wheel brought it back put it together and he rode for about 10 minutes then made his daddy make a robot out of the box for my son(daddy) to wear and he and daddy played more with that than the big wheel. And I haven’t seen a child yet who would not rather play with a box! It’s the parents and grandparents who buy the expensive toys. I’m going to go to ups and buy a bunch of boxes and then get paint glitter glue crayons for them to decorate and Christmas should be a HIT!!!!!
  • Angie TaylorToo cute!!!
  • Jean FosterPlan to do this before Christmas, or maybe let this be a christmas present. They all love arts and crafts.
  • Bonnie Jean HernI’m sharing this, and maybe my Goddaughter will see it and do it for her two little sons.