Updates 10/21-10/23/13 – 2 On Tripp Halstead


Tripp Halstead Updates
Katie: This post is written by me, Katie. I am a close friend of the family and an administrator on this page. Stacy asked me to let you know that Tripp is okay, but vomiting constantly. The Drs are aware and he is being watched closely. They have now decided to give him stronger meds to help control it. She also asked me to update our new followers about this page.To all of our supporters and followers, old and new:

First of all, thank you all so much for your support!
We just wanted to remind everyone (and let new followers know) about the “standards” of this page and answer a few questions. It is a little long but we ask that you please read it through.

This page was created for Bill and Stacy to update family and friends who were unable to be at the hospital on Tripp’s condition. Instead of having to repeat the same updates over and over on the phone and through text messages, this was a way for them update everyone at once. Many times, those of us in the waiting room got updates from this page so they didn’t have to leave Tripp’s side.

As Tripp’s recovery has progressed, the page has become an outlet for Stacy – much like a journal, a small view into their day to day lives. She shares her ups and downs, she knows how many of you laugh and cry with her – you are such a big part of her ‘therapy’ and she and Bill consider you family. They don’t post everything that goes on each day, just highlights I guess you could say.

This page has also become a platform for Bill and Stacy to “Pay It Forward”, something very important to them. They have recieved so much from so many kind, loving people that they want to “Give Back”. They have been able to bring awareness to several conditions and diseases most of us never knew about before Tripp’s accident. There are so many families with medically fragile children and the Halsteads want to do what they can to help others. They have been contacted by organizations that want to help them like they do for other families. Because they are so thankful, the Halsteads attend fundraisers and speak at events to help bring these wonderful charities some recognition.

Because this page is about the Halstead family, we ask that you only post in a positive way. This family has been through a horrible tragedy and this is their story, their way of handling it. If you think it is necessary to start or end a message with “Not to be rude, but” or “Don’t take this wrong, but”, chances are you just should keep your comment to yourself. We have no problem answering questions about Tripp and his condition, but please don’t send messages correcting Bill or Stacy. They are responsible parents and would never do anything to endanger Tripp. Every decision made about his day to day life and his care is very informed and not taken lightly. If you make a rude or hurtful comment, it will be deleted and you will be banned from the page. Everyone has their own opinion, but this is not your platform to express it.

If you see a rude comment, please do not comment back to the person. Instead, send an email to – not as a private message to this page, it will get lost in the hundreds of PMs we receive here daily. Please include the name of the person, what post it was made under, and they approximate time it was posted. The more comments made back to this person, the harder it is to find the original comment. Thank you in your help with this!!

Now, some answers to the most asked questions we receive.

1 – What happened to Tripp?

On October 29, 2012, Tripp was playing outside at daycare. A sudden, strong gust of wind caused a large tree limb to fall from high in a tree. It fell right onto Tripp’s head. He was simply in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Nothing other than his his skull and brain was damaged. He was never on life support. His diagnosis is a Tramatic Brain Injury. No one “blames” the daycare in any way. The owners/teachers at the daycare remain close to the family. You can read more details on the website (

2 – Will Tripp ever be able to walk, talk, etc. again?

The doctors just don’t know how far he is going to progress. Every TBI is different and each person reacts differently. The doctors did not know if he would survive because of the extent of his injuries. However, Tripp has proven what a fighter he is and everyone is dedicated to do all we can to make everything possible for him.

3 – Does Tripp eat or drink?

No – he has a g-tube which sends formula straight into his stomach. Because of the TBI he has to relearn how to swallow in therapy, something we are all born knowing how to do.

4 – Why are Tripp’s feet straight/pointed?

It is called ‘foot-drop’ and part of the side effects of the brain injury. He is getting new braces for his legs to help correct it and must be done if he will ever be able to walk again. It is an on-going trial and error situation.

5 – Why does Tripp arch and vomit some days? What do you mean by “arching”?

Arching – Tripp will tighten all over and arch his back, curving his body backwards.
The vomiting is not related to his gall bladder as it was removed months ago.
Both of these can be side effects of his injury. The doctors and the Halsteads are doing everything they can to figure out if it is anything else causing them. At this time, hopefully his surgery yesterday will fix what was causing him to do these things.

6 – Do you know about the other “Tripp” pages?

We do. Most were created as part of fundraisers by other people for the Halsteads. They haven’d had activity in a long time. Others are done by people the family knows. Still others are not approved or associated with the Halsteads. Please do not report these pages – it may cause ours to be shut down. To know which is real and which is not, Bill & Stacy will never ask for money, Stacy posts in a distinct way (she types as if she is speaking directly to you), and the real page (as of now) has over 916,000 “Likes” (Wow, by the way! So amazing!!).

7 – Does Tripp go to therapy or school?

Yes, he goes to both. He goes to therapy throughout the week and school once a week (as of now, maybe more in the future). When he is home, his in home nurses and family all do different therapies with him.

8 – I would like to send something to the family. Where do I send it? Will they respond to letters? Will someone let me know if they received my letter/package?

First of all, thank you! You can send it to the address below. It is also on the website ( Usually, because of how much mail they recieve they are unable to respond to each one or confirm they have recieved it. If you are wanting to send something perishable, please send an email to for instructions.

9 – I liked the page but keep missing updates, why?

Stacy updates everyday, sometimes multiple times. Facebook limits how many people see each update on their newsfeed. To get every single update, you will have to go to Tripp Halstead Updates page. Sorry for this inconvenience.

If you have any other questions, first check the website ( on the FAQ section. If your question is not there, please email it to I will do my best to answer, or send it to Bill & Stacy to answer for you.

Thank you all again for your love and support!

Update 10/21-10/23/13 – 1 On Tripp Halstead


Stacy: So I will pick up from where I left off last night. Tripp was much calmer and all his vitals were really good after Bill and I spent some time with him after surgery. We ended up just skipping his noon meds because they didn’t get to his room till 5. So now we are back on schedule. (We asked what would of happened if we would of brought his meds from home and they said we couldn’t of give them to him anyway.) So last night. I climbed in bed with Tripp and cuddled with him till 10. Since he was doing so good, Bill and I both figured it was safe to spend the night at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities and let mom stay in the room with him. If I stayed, cause I wanted too, that would of put Bill and mom in the same room at the Ronald McDonald house together. Kind of awkward. Ha ha Anyway, mom told us that Tripp threw up most of the night. She said it started when we left and he was still throwing early this morning. They gave him zofran first and that didn’t help, then they gave him some really strong nausea meds and that didn’t help. So as of right now, he is sleeping peacefully and looks so sweet. He got a bath this morning and we are waiting on the Drs to make their rounds. I don’t know if they will move us out of ICU till we get the vomiting under control. They haven’t given him any formula, so he has been puking up yellow stomach acids. Poor baby. I will post again later. Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts. Love you all.

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Update 10/20/13 – 1 On Tripp Halstead


Stacy: Very happy to report that Tripp had a great night and great morning. It has been such a busy week. With Tripp’s normal therapies, first massage appt, his two parties, and we had our CO visit our Kingdom Hall this week. (A visiting speaker that travels and gives very encouraging talks) so we went to the hall Tuesday, Thursday and Today to hear him. And then tomorrow we have therapy then driving down to Atlanta and spending the night. Mom is going with us. Tripp has to be at the hospital by 6am and none of us want to fight Atlanta traffic and risk being late. His surgery is scheduled to begin at 7:30. They are going to go into his brain and poke a hole through the scar tissue that is blocking the fluid from getting to his shunt. He has a puddle of fluid in his head, so we are praying that after the surgery the pressure will be gone and he will feel better. While they have him under, they are also going to inject Botox and phenol into his legs and feet to help them bend. Then on the 28th (I think) he will be casted. This time with casts that can’t come off and on. I know he will hate them but we have to try to get those legs to bend or he will never be able to really sit up and def never walk. And we truly with all our hearts hope that he will one day. If all goes perfect, we check in Tuesday and check out Wednesday. But I am packing a bag for all week. Just never know with Tripp. So please say a little extra prayer that his surgery goes great and he starts feeling better and making more progress. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. Love you all.
Stacy: Very happy to report that Tripp had a great night and great morning. It has been such a busy week. With Tripp's normal therapies, first massage appt, his two parties, and we had our CO visit our Kingdom Hall this week. (A visiting speaker that travels and gives very encouraging talks) so we went to the hall Tuesday, Thursday and Today to hear him. And then tomorrow we have therapy then driving down to Atlanta and spending the night. Mom is going with us. Tripp has to be at the hospital by 6am and none of us want to fight Atlanta traffic and risk being late. His surgery is scheduled to begin at 7:30. They are going to go into his brain and poke a hole through the scar tissue that is blocking the fluid from getting to his shunt. He has a puddle of fluid in his head, so we are praying that after the surgery the pressure will be gone and he will feel better. While they have him under, they are also going to inject Botox and phenol into his legs and feet to help them bend. Then on the 28th (I think) he will be casted. This time with casts that can't come off and on. I know he will hate them but we have to try to get those legs to bend or he will never be able to really sit up and def never walk. And we truly with all our hearts hope that he will one day. If all goes perfect, we check in Tuesday and check out Wednesday. But I am packing a bag for all week. Just never know with Tripp. So please say a little extra prayer that his surgery goes great and he starts feeling better and making more progress. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. Love you all.

Update 10/19/13 – 4 On Tripp Halstead


Stacy: What a day. It started out kind of rough, Tripp threw up this morning and just wasn’t feeling good. But we really wanted to take him to the party today. Well obviously that is what he wanted too. He was perfect the whole time we were there. He watched everything and everyone. He just had the most content look on his face. So the party was a Huge Success. And we get to do it again tomorrow with another group of friends. So then We went to the Boot Scooting party with DoItForHawk parents, John and Katie and COTA for Braden K parents, Matt and Michelle and of course our best friends Katie and Brett Riney that help manage our FB page. As if you can’t tell from the pictures, we had such a great time and met some really great people. We met Special Kneads and Treats, Inc. They made some awesome cakes. They employ special needs adult. I love that. So Tripp stayed with Nana tonight and she said he did great. Everyone is now snoozing but I wanted to get these pictures up tonight. Thank you all for your prayers, positive thoughts and support. Today started out with a lot of tears watching that video from a year ago, but it ended up being a really good day. Love you all and hope you enjoy the pictures.Oct 19 2013 (15 photos)

Update 10/19/13 – 1 On Tripp Halstead


Stacy: This was taken exactly one year ago today. Ten short days before our lives changed forever. Bill turned his Nursery into a Big Boy Lighting McQueen one all in one day. Tripp gets more and more exciting throughout the video. Moments like these are what I miss the most. I love you Tripp.

Tripp’s new room


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Update 10/18/13 – 2 (continued – comments from others) On Tripp Halstead


Stacy: For those who have been following Tripp’s story for some time now know that there is never a good post written at 1 AM. But rest assured Tripp is fine and sleeping peacefully. All his numbers look great. Oxygen level staying at 100 and heart rate is in the 70’s. So this post is more about me. I won’t be offended if you stop reading now.
I have been a roller coaster of emotions today. I thiSee More
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  • Bonnie Jean Hern
  • Michaela O’ConnorYou may never get the chance to read this post but I am 26 and have a chronic pain condition that will never be healed and a chronic disorder, my parents are my rocks! I know how hard it is for them as I suffer in pain and have brain surgeries but they have never given up…I know you have a much wider audience but I have to say that coming from a sick kid whose parents have to take care of her and go to every doctors appointment with her, one day Tripp will look back on this and see what an honor it is to have parents like you! I would have never made it so long without my parents and I am able to thank them and one day Tripp will be able to thank you too and until then, although I did not have a TBI but as a sick child I would like to say thank you on my behalf, you are a beautiful strong mother and I know your family is going to survive this!!! I wanted to say that because I’m older now but I was young and needed help and my parents were there for me just like you guys are and I still don’t forget it and never will! Sending you my love and hoping that my words make you feel better
    • 30 Replies · 2 hours ago
  • Tonya Lynette LeathermanStacy, I want to tell you my quick story if I may. When my son was 7 years old, we had a bad car accident in a freak rain storm. Our car hydroplained off into a ditch and my son was hit in the head by a board that came through the windshield. Our four year old daughter suffered a concussion, and I had minor scraps and cuts. My son had massive head injury and had surgery. Unfortunately he was pronounced brain dead 46 hours later and we had to sigh papers to turn off the life support machines! We were devastated! I buried my son 17 years ago and last week he would have turned 25!!! I do understand about your longing to have Tripp as you knew him, I would do anything to have my son backfor even a day. I understand about the upcoming dates, that’s to be expected. I dread it every year, but God gets you through it!!! I have been following Tripp from the beginning and want you to know that I believe in you!!! I believe in Bill!!! And most of all, I believe in Tripp!!! I pray daily for him and your family and I have faith that God is in control!!! Please don’t be so hard on yourself, you are doing great!!! I miss my son, but it changed my life and I am so much more compassionate now and help people in my area as much as I can. Keep doing what you are doing and give it all to God!!! Cherish each day and keep moving forward!!! Sending love and prayers to you all from Canyon,Texas!!! (((Hugs)))
    • 28 Replies · 2 hours ago
  • Leagha SpiveyYou are such an amazing mom. I don’t share my story publicly very often but I lost feeling and some use in my legs about a year and a half ago, I want you to know that you and your family keep me going. Every time I see a picture of Tripp or new video it reminds me that no matter how hard I have it, if I can fight on like Tripp I’ll be okay. Or with my kids, your post tonight, reminds me to cherish everything I get from my kids. So first, I’m sorry for how hard things have been but thank you for sharing your story and the inspiration you and your family are to me every day.
  • Bert BrinkmeierStacy, you will never forget Tripp as he was, and I love the fact that you love Tripp as he is. He makes progress daily. I have to tell you that as a nurse, when I first started following Tripp’s page, I really held very little hope for him to make much progress. I see progress all the time in him! The little smile, the arms bent, holding his head up, it is all progress! Will he get much better? Will you hear his little voice? Only God has the answer to that but you have already seen a miracle in the fact that Tripp survived and that he continues to progress. Enjoy each new milestone, just as you did before the accident. Only God knows where Tripp will end up, I do know that God only gives these special, wonderful children to parents who are strong enough to help them. You and Bill are amazing, what wonderful examples you are to everyone! Your family is wonderful! God has a reason for what has happened, we will never understand but, Tripp has brought together an army of believers and has show that the power of faith and prayer can do amazing things! God bless all of you! thank you for sharing your life like an open book! We all love you for it!
    • 5 Replies · 6 hours ago
  • Michelle SpencerThank you for sharing Tripp and your life with us Stacey. It’s posts like these that makes me wish Fb land was real and I could drive over and bring you chocolate and wine
  • Ruby ShivMy heart hurts for you tonight. But I am so happy for your fierce love for this child. God is walking with you and we will keep praying and listening.
  • Tina MarieI know how you feel. I am always a wreck on October 29t because back on October 29, 2008 my baby boy died in my arms and it’s a feeling and a day that I will never forget. It doesn’t seem to get easier for me. I pray that your precious little boy makes a full recovery. You will be in my thoughts and prayers on the 29th. God Bless
    • 7 Replies · 7 hours ago
  • Jeanette WinborneYou have no idea how your post has effected everyone that reads it. I can’t go one day without waiting to see what Tripp is doing . You sharing your feeling is a wonderful thing. You are a strong mother who loves her son. Tripp has been so blessed with parents like you and Bill. God has blessed all of us through your family.
    • 2 Replies · 11 hours ago
  • Pamela Hordall 907,000 of us are here for you stacy…we will continue to pray every day for you family…and look forward to every achievement tripp makes…hugs!
  • Kimberly MuffettI never post because I really never know what to say…..but I had a big brother. He was in a bad motorcycle accident when he was 21 years old. He was dead on arrival. However he came back and was not supposed to survive the night, then the next day they told us to say our goodbyes again…….then we were told he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life. Well they were wrong he lived, walked, talked, worked, played, loved, and lived a normal happy life. It took 3 years of therapy but he pulled through! He did pass away suddenly at the age of 40. But his passing had nothing to do with his accident. I read your posts, watch your videos, and cry with you. At the same time I remember the process we went through with my brother…….and want you to know that you are one amazing mama and daddy! after watching my brother I have faith that Tripp will too! Your faith and love will be your strength……Tripp see’s it and feels it and im sure it helps him in so many ways. Hugs from California!
    • 2 Replies · 7 hours ago
  • Nichole S. EagleGod our Father, I come to you this morning and I ask that you continue to wrap this family in your love. Provide all 3 of them with your strength…. Lord, you created Tripp from head to toe and I ask of you to touch your handy work and recreate any and everything you once did so perfect. Father Lord, please take the pain and confusion from him and give his momma and dad peace. In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen!!!
    • 30 Replies · 4 hours ago
  • Sheila BowmanMy heart breaks for you… As I too have a son who suffered from a brain injury.
    He was only 5 1/2
    Months when it occurred but he was already sitting up, crawling,

    And starting to jabber words. It happened over night and we went from a normal happy family with a normal healthy baby, to a nightmare of grand mal seizures, sometimes as many as 30 or more a day. I felt as if someone had come in my home in the middle of the night and stole my healthy baby and left one that I had to learn all over again. I was told that he would never make it past the 8th year mark. With lots of love and lots of prayers, our God blessed us and he is still blessing us as my son, Cody, is now 34 years if age. He has been a blessing in my life and has taught me patience and unconditional love. I have failed many times, felt overwhelmed many many times and sometimes felt as I
    Wasn’t deserving of such a blessing, however God obviously felt differently! I think about you almost daily and I know exactly where you are. My heart breaks for you as well as myself sometimes as I know the loss you feel. I had to grieve as if I had lost my child as in a sense I did in so many ways. Yet, at the same time I was so thankful that God allowed me to keep this angel as I belive that God knew I couldn’t bare to loose him. I remember promising God that no matter the outcome, my love would never change or be any different than before the brain injury. I kept that promise and can tell you that there is no comparison to the love I had before and now after. It’s a love that no one can explain unless they have been in our shoes! I pray for you to find peace even on days that it seems impossible. From one Mom to another who has walked your path, in time, it gets better. You get a little stronger each and every day that passes, even on days when your weak. I know your feelings right now and the mourning that your going through for the child that you miss. It’s natural to do such and in time, you can move on and the mourning will pass.
    There will be new memories made and acceptance if a lifestyle that you never imagined. You may forget little
    Things from the past sometimes, but they will always come back. Maybe when your less stressed or on days when your really not even searching your mind for them. It’s just that your new memories will take precedence over the old and you will Find joy once again. Hang in there, as I know you will and always talk about your feelings… It’s just better mentally and physically to let it out. I will be praying for you and Bill on this journey as well as Tripp. Your in for a ride and one that few get to go on! We are blessed! ️
    • 4 Replies · 6 hours ago
  • Jennie SmithHi Stacy, I am writing to you all the way from South Africa. It is 10am now, so a treat to have you post an update now. I have been following you for many months now and I also admire you like all your thousands of followers do. I have 2 boys, one of 18 and one of 10. The 10 year old was born with Cerebral Palsy, left hemiplegia. His right side of his brain is damaged, and therefore he walks with a limp and his left leg is thinner and shorter than the right. He cannot use his left hand at all. I have only know Jason as the Jason he is now, and therefore cannot say our story is similar in any way, as I gave birth to a son with a disability. I am actively involved in his therapy centre, as he has been going there from the age of 6 months. I have made such amazing friends with special needs kids along the way. Some like me who have always had their disability and some like you, who had an active toddler and then either something happened that changed the course of their lives or they were diagnosed a couple of years into their lives with different diagnosis’. I have just recently met up with a mother of a 3 year old boy, who up to 3 months ago, he was a mischievous, busy little 3 year old. In August he contracted meningitis and he has recovered but is not the same boy at all. His vision comes and goes, he can sometimes walk without assistance and sometimes he can’t walk at all. He cannot talk and for the past 2 weeks he has barely slept as he is extremely restless and aggressive. We are trying all we can to get the best medical care and advice for this gorgeous little boy. I told his mom to follow you on FB to see what all you do for Tripp and how far he has come. I just want to wish you and your family and all the other special needs parents and siblings out there all the best. You are all always in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good work and your love for your loved ones and others in similar positions as yourselves. Warm African wishes from a sunny South Africa
    • 3 Replies · 11 hours ago
  • Lourdes Villate HildoerWhat kind of person can attract 907,000 strangers to follow her on Facebook? That alone is a strong testimony to the power you and Tripp possess. Stacy, when you are going through something this horrible, it is hard to see the big picture. I often wonder what is in store for you. You know it defies all reason that Tripp survived this. Why was he chosen to survive and return to you? I don’t know the answer to that question. But I know there is meaning here. I know that your son is an extraordinary being. You are equally extraordinary. I can’t help but think that he was specially chosen for some kind of mission. You were specially chosen to be his mother. Honestly, I cannot watch the news or read any news article that involves the suffering of a child. I will turn the channel, or put down any reading material because I cannot endure it. Yet, I read every single post that you create. I need to know everything about Tripp’s daily life and your personal narrative. I am compelled daily to learn from you. I know this is no comfort. I know that you would prefer to be less charismatic and have your son back. But I hope you find comfort in the fact that you are doing very important work. Your son is a special being. Both of you were put on this earth for very important reason. You are teaching so many people so many lessons about faith,
    the power of prayer, charity, endurance, dignity, love, perseverance, and grace under fire. Even the prancercizing video was inspired. Showing people that you need to find joy even when you are in a dark place, that was genius. Your heavenly father is so pleased with you, Stacy. Your are “using” your adversity to do exactly the right things: grow, endure, shine, and serve as an example for others. Still praying for you and your family daily. All the best.
    • 6 Replies · 11 hours ago
  • Janice BrawdyStacy, although I have followed your family’s story from the beginning, I have always liked, just never commented before. It seems like everything I want to say, to encourage you, to lift you up, to give you hope, to give you grace, has already been saSee More
  • Donna WhiteStacy, our family is 17 yrs out from when my nephew’s brain anuersym ruptured. He was a yr old and nobody knew that he had it. Your situation with Tripps accident is so much like Evans. No advanced forewarning, no one to blame. The neurologist told our family to let him go, do nothing as it was a 1 in a million bad fate and it wouldn’t be fair to him to try to save him. Now, 17 yrs later Evan is just like any 17 yr old. (a little ADHD, but who isn’t?) The neurosurgeon says he is a miracle and he is so glad that we didn’t listen to their BAD advise. Thru the power of prayer and dedication from his mom and extended family and extended community family he is PROOF that one never knows what the future stores for us. God is an amazing God. We have been blessed with a true Miracle. Evan had multiple surgeries and was hospitalized for 4 months, The odds were so against him. His mom pushed, and pushed for everything and anything to help him as he journied thru this life’s path that was enstolled upon him. He brain damage was so much of how you describe Tripps. Now he is taking drivers training, is attending regular school at the career center in auto body repair, and is a very outspoken teen, looking for a job. Stacy, message me and I’ll give you my sisters FB name. I think she could really help you right now. Evan is a survivor and so is Tripp. I wish you could fast forward your clock by a year and see in the future, the hope and dreams. Don’t forget that Tripp is who he is now! He is strong and so are you. We can cherrish the memories, you will never forget. New memories are happy memories too. In 2 yrs when you look back you will see how strong and powerful of a women you are. I’m sure that my sister wished there was FB when she was enduring the long toturous hours and vigil. Our past’s milestones and accomplishments help us mold us and everyone involved. Message me and I can send you a picture of my nephew. He is proof that all the dedication, hard work, love and sharing, there is a reason for all this. We may never know (most likely we won’t) why bad things happen to good people. It shows us our strengths and weaknesses and that is what life is all about. Take time to spend as a family as in 2 years, this time may all seem like a blur. May God hold you and comfort you in this very difficult time.
    • 3 Replies · 7 hours ago
  • Donnell Creppel JeansonneI don’t know how many comments you get to read since your family has so many wonderful followers, but we are in very similar positions. My son also suffered a traumatic brain injury at 2 (cancer), and he and Tripp are going through a lot of similar things, too. I want you to know you are not alone in your feelings and that everything you’re feeling is normal, and it is OK to be sad, hurt, mad, or angry or to miss the way things were. I know how exhausting it is when your job is being a 24 hr caretaker, and I think you guys are great parents and have great support from family and friends. I pray for Tripp and your family and I hope you can smile again soon. Much love to you and Tripp and your family.
    • 3 Replies
  • Amanda HeikenI have never commented before, just been more of a reader and a prayer for Tripp but after reading this post I had to comment… After I first came along this page I was so angry at the daycare that you sent Tripp to, because all I could think about was, how could you let this happen!?!? I have worked in the Early Childhood and daycare field for almost 10 years now and hearing your story broke my heart but also made me angry! But your post tonight made me realize that it really isn’t anyone’s fault… That it could really happen to anyone, and as much as that scares me, it Also makes me realize that there are still amazing parents out there and you are one of them!!!! You are Tripp’s biggest fan and you have SO many people who love you and your family!!! I live in Southern Illinois and I am also one of Tripp’s biggest fans. I love seeing him lift his head and the progress that he has made. I also love seeing the amazing support system that he has behind him! I just wanted to actually comment instead of being a quiet reader because you and your husband and family need to know how amazing you are!!!!
  • Chad Perry TatePrecious child! Bless you all! He couldn’t be in better hands!! I pray for you all daily, but I will especially be praying for you all in the days ahead.
  • Angie FrazierStay strong when you need to and let go when you need to You are an inspiration, and though many of us may not comment much, know we are with you in thoughts and prayers. {{hugs}} for you, momma.
  • Amanda Davis GregoryStacy, I am an Early Childhood Professor from NC, and I previously worked with special needs children like Tripp as a therapist. You are the parent every therapist hopes to work with. You are the most dedicated, loving mother of a little boy I have seen. You are amazing. Many parents don’t get involved in therapy, but rather use it as a time to get a break, which is ok at times, but you truly work your hardest to make Tripp’s life better. I admire you for your dedication. Don’t ever apologize for your feelings. Your genuineness shines through and makes readers like me smile through tears at the love of a mother who wants what is best for her child. You are awesome!
  • Grace CooperOMG, My eyes are filled with tears right now . I can so empathize with you because I went throught the same ordeal as you are now going through. The only difference is that my son was 20 years old when it happen and he was the victim of a hit and run whom they never found. like you it cost millions of dollars over a 4 year period along with lots of emotions just like you, and is still costing. I want to encourage you to stay strong, because of his age, and you will see great progress as the years trickle on by. My son is now in the process of being retrained to go back to work which I never thought would have happen except for God’s mercy and Grace which I truly depend on. Stay strong , be encouraged and continue to pray as I pray for you as well. I am a living testimony that miracles happen because doctors gave my son 72 hours tops to live and it’s been 4 years going. He’s walking, taking, joking around, remembering stuff, and doing everything for himself. God is good so be encouraged my love, be encouraged.
  • Tania Clark-Norrisawwwwww big hugs Possum, and I am so in awe of how you can express everything, if I tried I would not know where to start. BIG HUGS ALL THE WAY TO THE SUN AND BACK
  • Patricia WilbanksI am a nurse, mom and grandmother. I read your posts every single day, several times. It reminds me how fragile life is. I always know and believe God puts us where we are suppose to be. Even your family and Tripp. Please don’t take offense to me saying this. My grandmother use to tell me God has to allow bad so everyone will see the good, so never ask why. That has always been the hardest thing for me to ever understand, and at times I still ponder at it. Because of your family and this situation, look at how many lives that have been touched and how important your families story has become. You and your family have been an inspiration to me and soo many others. My grand daughter is six and she reads along with me. She always says a prayer for you guys every night. God has worked through your family to help many many others and will continue to do this. You must stay strong no matter what. You have been chosen to be an inspiration and have an amazing opportunity to do so many great, wonderful and inspiring deeds. It will never be easy , but great things never are. Please continue to post and be the inspiration to all who read about Tripp and your family. I am honored and humbled each day. Be strong. God never gives you more than you can handle, so you ARE extremely strong no matter how weak you feel. I love you and your family and will continue to pray daily.
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  • Melissa Shipley-Coronathis story of course is about tripp…I personally feel that this last year has been somewhat of a rollercoaster for any person that has followed this story..a little more personal for those who have children and even more personal for some who have special children, (not special needs children, just special children who need us a little more) life sometimes throws a curve ball and makes it challenging and we as humans have a tendency to hide, under the shell if you will, and play it forward, but you (your fabulous family), have allowed us to share your painful journey for the past year and allowed us to support, laugh, cry, worry and pray with you all for the last year. I applaud you and your family for allowing all of us to do so. I have a nephew who is a child who needs some extra special and let my start by saying, he has proven medical theory to be wrong, the Dr. told my sister that he may never walk, never potty train, never speak , basically never do much as far as intellect and physical activity. However, this is a tear jerker, but a good tear jerker. He walks,(runs) he talks, monotone but nonetheless he talks,(getting him an IPAD, to make communication easier for everyone), he reads, he spells,plays sports, and he is potty trained. This has been a long and challenging road not for only him, but everyone, but with self determination, a loving family, ( such as yours) an awesome mother, (Stacey, you rock), bill is an awesome dad and appears to be an awesome support of the family and husband as well, fantastic medical personel and an awesome God. Thank you for being one of my personal family of heroes and allowing us to share all the tribals and tribulations that you and your family have endured through out this last year. Keep the faith that Tripp will do all of these things again, regardless of what the medical personel may say..this is one determined family and an a extremely determined little boy, who has the zest for life and beating the odds…all of you are blessed to have each other but me personally I feel blessed to be a part of this amazing journey with you all..even though we have never met, I feel a personal bond with you all and I love you all very much, God bless you you will always be in my thoughts and prayers and I pray that one day I have the honor to meet the Halstead family and the infamous Tripp Halstead. may God continue to be with you and your family and your extended family, (us, the world). KEEP ON ROCKING TRIPP …AND GO TEAM BOOM!!!!!
  • Rachel HodgesYou can “vent” to us anytime! You are not super-woman even though you try to put on that front to make it everyday!! But you are an awesome mom who does everything she can to help her child and God is and will bless you in so many ways! I thank you so much for sharing your daily trials and happiness…it really makes a connection and I can hardly wait to hear the good news after his upcoming surgery! Just breathe…I know easier said than done…but when you exhale…just thank GOD and keep allowing him to carry you on your rough days!!! Tripp is a truly awesome little boy, and GOD will and has used you and your family to help others!!! Take care and have sweet dreams!
  • Angel Callahan907,000 people’s lives have been touched and changed because of your openness, 907,000 people have fallen in love with Tripp’s smile. I can’t imagine what you feel, how your life has changed, I can only tell you that my life has changed because of you. Thank you. Because of you I am closer to God, I no longer take time with my son for granted, and my belief in miracles has been restored. Tripp is blessed with a wonderful, faithful family, and he will continue to heal, to be an inspiration, he will be telling his story one day. Love you guys too, keep your chin up Momma… You have 907,000 backing you and your family through prayer.
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  • Patti Johnson WoodrumYou are very special Stacy..dont for get that.
  • Charlotte RanslebenYour getting your Tripp back little by little. Your 907,000 supporters are praying for Tripp daily and God is listening. When I saw that video of Tripp raising his head I knew right then he is coming back. He understands what you say to him. He is such a cutie pie..hugs~
  • Rebecca LartigueHe looks so happy my stepmom got me to read about Tripp one day and I catch myself reading updates everyday! God bless this amazing little boy he is just too cute
  • Sherri BunnI cannot even begin to imagine what this past year has been like. to have a “normal” child and then to have that accident and your world change so much and his world. I can say that with my son- i appreciate the things that others take for granted…. today I went to get christopher up (21 year old specially abled son) and i have to always smile when I see him in a different spot on the bed but still covered up. See- he used to sit indian style then fold over tucking his arms under his chest to keep warm. it has only been a handful of years that he has learned to cover himself. It makes me smile every time. I love watching him as he is now getting to the stage where if he is in a giggly tickly mood and you walk up to him with “tickle monster” hands he breaks out in hysterical laughter and protects his neck and chest (his ticklish spots) He doesn’t speak- never has never will. I have never heard “I love you from his mouth” but I hear it from his heart all the time! we are so lucky to have children like this! we will never take for granted the simplest of things and if we do- our precious sweet spirited children will remind us just how precious life is. please try to remember that on the tough days. (i have them too) please remember as you celebrate his life- to celebrate all that he is and all that he will be and all that you have learned and will learn from him and from him. such a blessing that he is still with you and that you can celebrate his life. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family always.
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  • Terri Anderson JohnsonLife is a roller coaster ride, and you’re on the BIG one! Regardless, I think the roller coaster is better than the merry-go-round! (Sort of borrowed this from “Parenthood” the movie). Hugs!
  • BlitzJoy WardI read this post tonight, and felt the need to respond… We are taught that everything happens for a reason, and we question those reasons… Your wee boy’s accident has touched how many lives? Your stories, your emotions and of course your faith (which has nothing at all to do with anything/anyone else here either.. for clarity) has proven to give us all more strength, more insight, and of course more love than we could ever imagine… It has brought everyone here together, in prayer and in loving thoughts, and has helped how many more people?… I am so very sorry that you and your families must go through this ordeal but know that in every breath, every set back and even more importantly every amazing accomplishment has truly been a miracle AND… to be shared by yourselves, brings a world of people closer together for the commonality … we are as one, with good energy flowing, as well as peace and love.. I thank you
  • Amanda ProctorThis made me tear up. I can’t even begin to imagine how much your heart aches. I’m watching my 20 month old, at this very moment, be his goofy self and play with his beloved cars, and it makes my heart hurt to think of what you’re going through. I pray for you all, and I know Tripp will continue to get better. It brings me so much joy to see him make progress, and I always look forward to seeing your posts.
  • Kayley Marie Scott AndersonI didn’t start bawling until you said that you carry that little car around in your purse. It breaks my heart that you don’t get to see him smile every day, that’s one of my favorite things about my nephews but I believe with all my heart that you will get to see him light up just like the sun again one day. He has proved them wrong just by being alive right now. He’s a little miracle.
  • Rachel KreegerMay The Lord be with you always. You are amazing and strong. Tripp’s purpose is larger then life and he is nothing short of incredible. I am often left speechless reading your post hearing all that Tripp is doing ~ he is moving mountains in the his lifSee More
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  • Deborah BurrowMy goodness, if anyone stopped reading, shame on them. Never apologize for sharing. You’re such an incredible woman!!!
  • Kathy ArangoI read the book, The Vow last night. Not Nicholas Sparks version, but Kim and Krickett Carpenters version. She by all accounts should have died in the car accident they were in but by the grace of God she didnt. She had a tbi and although they had a long and hard road, she came back. Not the same, but she got another chance. I believe that God let Tripp stay. He knew that you and Bill needed him more than He did. The days and months and years ahead are going to be hard, but I truly believe that you never get more put on you than you are strong enough to handle. You and Bill must be superheros because you handle a lot more than the average person could. One day Tripp is going to look back on this and see how amazing his parents are, and he will know what an awesome and special person he is that he got you both. Be emotional, cry, let it out. Thats what we’re here for. Sometimes, I cry with you as I read. Your posts remind me daily how lucky I truly am and thats a blessing to me in itself. Much love to you all!
  • Nikki KinleyIf it helps to ease your worries, I suffered 2 subdural hematomas when I was only 6. Doctors didn’t give me a very good chance of survival, and they told my parents that if I did pull through I’d probably have brain damage and paralysis (my left side wSee More
  • Rob N Amanda LowerSome kids just have amazing parents, Tripp is one of those kids.
  • Leanne CochraneOh mama- thank YOU for sharing your life with us. I am in Saint John, NB – Canada. I don’t have many words, but I would like to send you a hug- In support of YOU. You are an awesome mama. Tripp knows your love. His brain may be confused, but his HEART knows. It’s ok for you to feel confused, lost and disappointed. You have been through a terrible tragedy. Remember- HE carried the weight of the world upon His shoulders, and He will carry YOU. HUGS mama.
  • Sandra CaisonI read your post this morning and am, once again, silenced. My busy mind, sorting through the day ahead, is stilled. I have been following your posts for about 6 months and am so thankful for you all. You teach me lessons about what’s important, about the strength and courage of the human spirit. I read your posts and the comments from all the followers who love you and your family. I had gotten to a very unfortunate place in my life – given up on this earthly life and mankind in general. Then one of my FB friends shared your post, I began reading, I became intrigued with you and how you bear your soul to us all, then I read some comments, and slowly but surely, I was shown that there are people, LOTS of people, who care and love and are willing to share their love with you and it’s impacted my way of thinking so much – I am no longer indifferent in my thinking, my relationship with God has been strengthened, I now look for the best in folks (and often find it). And so this morning, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for your posts, for your heart, for your undeniable soul and spirit. I pray for you Stacy, for Tripp, for Bill, and your families. God is doing a wonderful work in your lives and in the lives of us, your followers on FB. I pray God’s presence, His comfort, His peace surround you just now and in these times of intense pain, you know His presence in a mighty way and find comfort. God bless you.
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  • Joanna JonesYou are a great mother stacy. God keep you strong and give you a great miracle and your hearts desires. In Jesus name. Amen
  • Marlyn D. WellsStacy! As Everyone here has stated, YOU are ONE amazing Woman, Mother, Wife, Daughter, and Friend! And YeS, You are SO many other Things as well! Your HAT seems to change hourly, because of ALL that You do! You, Bill, and Trippster have Touched MORE Hearts, CHANGED More Lives, and Given HOPE to So many People, that You will NEVER really know the Actual Number of Those Who have come to Know and LOVE Your Family over the last year! Never be afraid to Show People what it’s like to Live in Your World, and Never, Ever Think for a Moment, that WE The People, that YOU have entrusted to SHARE Your Life with, will Ever GIVE UP on You, Bill, Or Trippster! We LOVE YOU ALL, and We’re Praying for You! Thank You for sharing Your Heart, Your Life, and Your Family with ALL of Us! ♡♥♡♥♡
    • 2 Replies · 7 hours ago
  • Kaila ThompsonNo ma’am thank you for letting of us in your tripps & bill’s life . God bless you all .
  • Sandy SeamsterAnd we are here to listen. Tripp may never be the same exact child, but he will grow in different ways…. Its still early in his recovery. Who knows what will happen and you will love Tripp no matter what. I enjoy reading your posts, I appreciate your thoughts and smiles. God bless you.
  • Lucia Alejandra RojasNot only are you an amazing mother, you are a blessing to us all! You sharing your story with us, your life, and most importantly your feelings with us is such a great inspiration!
    Thank you!! ️
  • Theresa Marshall Robbins Love your sharing Stacy! I hope that when others and I cry along with you as we read your heartfelt words, it ligthens your load just a bit. I too love to journal and use FB for joys and sorrows. Love your heart, your transparencey and openness. Praying for all of you and just sending a hug from a stranger across the miles. We used to live in Norcross, GA. Some of our friends that still live there, have gone to events to see Tripp. We have followed the story from the beginning.
  • Ann Dobbinswhat a beautiful and heartfelt post Stacy…I so look forward to hearing from you every day. Loved yesterday s video of Tripp holding his head up. ..and what a good job he did.! I pray for him every day and every night. ..hope this surgery helps a lot. Have a great day and give little man an extra hug for all of us who can’t do it in person. ♡♡♡
  • Jessica Kenyon McGourtyI am sitting here crying like a baby bci feel for you, I feel for me, and everyone else who has a child who struggles. My 9.5 yo son is non-verbal autistic, everyday has milestones and setbacks. There is also days that i grieve for a son that I will never have, one that talks in full sentences, uses the potty, wrestles his sisters, eats with a fork, plays football and baseball, etc. We need to allow those days…..we also need to see the strength in our sons when they achieve something so small, like copying or mimicking something after seeing it for years, trying to get one word out, peeing on the potty, even tho the pee misses….. It is really sad and it is really hard, and yes I would change it in a second if I could bc no one should struggle on a daily basis like my son, BUT, I love him for him, and I respect and cherish how much strength that kid has!! I love the people I have met through him, I love the honesty that my family possesses bc of him, and I am terrified for the future!!! One day at a time my friend, cry and post the crap out of your sadness, keeping it inside will kill you and your spirit. Prayers and hugs.
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