Cleaning Stains In Small Animal Cages

At my friend’s house there are four cages with guinea pigs, and at my house there are two cages with guinea pigs.  Needless to say there are plenty of stains in the cages when it comes to time to change the pine bedding every three or four days.  I change them on Monday and Thursday.  For a long time I have been using antibacterial soap and bleach trying to get the stains out with a stiff brush.  This has been to no avail. Then one night I was looking through all of my cleaning supplies and found that I had some “CLR”.  I read the label and found out that it removes stains of calcium, lime and rust (thereby the name CLR).I decided it would not hurt to try it on the cages. It is safe to use in coffee pots and other food and drink containers, so I figured it would not hurt the guinea pigs.  The first time I tried it, I just added it to the soapy water.  It did OK, but didn’t remove all of the stains.  The next time I cleaned them, I just put the CLR on the stains full strength.  I left it there for the recommended two minutes. Then I scrubbed the areas with the stiff brush, and lo and behold the stains came out and the cage bottoms were like new.  I did a vlog showing the procedure, but as yet have not had time to upload the video.  Be checking back to catch the video.