September Is Childhood Cancer Month – Dedication Poem


September Is Childhood Cancer Month – Dedication Poem

On behalf of September being Childhood Cancer Month, I have written a poem and I dedicate it to the children and their families affected by this horrific disease.


No child should ever have to deal with this disease.

Unfortunately it picks whomever it does please.

It is no respecter of a person’s age.

To its treatments a person is bound like being in a cage.

It does not care about race or gender,

By entering whomever it wants to enter.

One of the many things that’s so unfair,

Is the treatment for it makes you lose your hair.

It comes like a thief in the night,

And leaves a person in a torturous fight for their life.

Children may be small, but they seem to be strong.

Compared to adults, much better the children get along.

With Love,

Bonnie Jean

          Written August 24, 2013 for Childhood Cancer Month in September.