My site is to be helpful about different things. The subjects will be from medical information to miscellaneous information. All of the information will be on things that I have found short cuts for them, or things that I have experienced myself. Some may be copies of what others have and are experiencing now. Also some may be tips from other people as well. I’d like to call it seeing things from a different way.

The information will hopefully help others so that they won’t have to make the mistakes that I have made, and/or to try the things that I have found to work quite well for me.

Upon visiting my site, you will see that the subjects are varied. Posts will be as I remember the different instances. As I am in the beginning stages of dementia, I have to post the information as I remember it. This being the case, some days will have numerous posts, and there may be several days that I won’t post anything. But rest assured, as the memories come back and/or new experiences happen to me, there will be posts made.