12 Reasons To Love Lavender Oil



1- Potpourri
Add a few drops of oil to your potpourri, dry or silk flowers (NOT on wood furniture!!)

2- Bath
For aching muscles or stress relief, add 4 drops of oil to your bath. You can also add a handful of Epsom salts.
Sit back, relax and soak away your tensions!!

3- Cuts/ Scrapes
Spray on lightly some Lavender oil on the affected area. It’s a great disinfectant that will not “kill” the “good bacteria”
on the skin!!

4- Fatigue
Add 5-8 drops of oil in a hot footbath to soak your feet (which are particularly porous, so it reaches your bloodstream
quickly, soothing various systems of your body!!)

5- Insomnia
A few drops or a light “squirt” on your pillow case for a sweet sleep! (I’ve personally done this too, by adding a little
pouch of lavender “buds” inside my pillow case…works great!!) For babies, add 3 drops of lavender oil in their bedtime
bath water.

6- Disinfectant
To sterilize household surfaces, add 10 drops of lavender oil to a small squirt bottle (can be found at the Dollar Store).
Spray on surface, wait 30 minutes. Not necessary to wipe off. (NOTE: NOT to be used on wood furniture or wood surfaces to
be safe!) You can use it to disinfect toilets, sink handles, telephone receivers, light switches, etc…

7- Burns
After cooling the burn under cold, running water for approx. 5-10 mins (or more), gently apply oil to affected area.
This should help lessen the pain immediately.

8- Headache
Massage a few drops of lavender oil into your forehead, your temples, nape of neck, and the inside of your wrists.

9- Acne
Apply 1 drop of oil on the affected area (pimple) inhibits the bacteria that causes the infection & helps rebalance the
over secretion of sebum.

10- Insect Bites
Applying 1 drop of lavender oil on an insect bite will soothe itching and inflammation. Dab on as soon as possible.

11- Moths
Hang little fabric bags or pouches (can be found at the Dollar Store, if you cannot find a substitute at home) amongst
your woolens in your closet, and refresh with oil from time to time. It’s a deterrent, but not a guarantee!

12- Fungus
A TV Doctor says that lavender oil (3 drops), when rubbed into the finger or toe nail (several times a day) has anti-fungal properties! (Re-apply after washing your hands or bathing)